Apr 29, 2012

Dear Citizen Editor,
I have Read in your  26th, April The opinions of Mr Mtikila,Dr Bakari insinuating that CCM MPs by not signing the Motion of no Confidence Against the Premier,Means they are Hypocrites!
       To me these two Learned Fellows are not Truthful,CCM MPs infact are the Ones who Spearheaded this ATTACK against their Govt,We saw Chairmen of Parliamentary Sectoral Committees,Peter Serukamba,Deo Filikunjombe and Hordes of other Kangi Lugora,Luhaga Mpina etc Rising one after Another demanding Resignation of Ministers in very Strong Language one Even Even Calling Them WEZI(THIEVES)!! In Broad Daylight!
       Serukamba Rose and Urged his CCM FELLOW MPs to go in their Party Caucus to Take to Task the Government by Demanding RESIGNATION and Action Against Embezzlers!  They Convened this CCM Party Caucus And They Deliberated and Grilled the PM,and Finally a RESOLUTION to their Party Chairman/President was Issued To Take to Task these Officials.
      How on Earth Did anyone Expect them to Run Sign a NO CONFIDENCE VOTE against the Premier?? After all isnt the One to Take to Task the MINISTERS,so that would be not Just, They had the Right to Wait for their Party Caucus Resolution to see How the President Shall Work on it! 
       Politics of Cheap Popularity will Ruin this Nation. The President has Okayed their Resolution,Now Some people out of their Usual Political Timidity and Hatred Want to Water Down the Significance of his Move to show it Emanated from the Opposition this is HYPOCRISY ON THEM NOT CCM MPs whom they Accuse.                                                                                          History is Vindicative of my Assertion,3rd Phase Prof Mbilinyi,Kilontsi Mporogomyi,Idd Simba,Juma Ngasongwa all Ministers Resigned out of CCM MPs Pressure, RICHMOND
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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012


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